About Us

Quality, Value, and Service...since 1936

Dr. L.H. Luck opened his Optical in downtown Fort Worth in 1936. It was at the end of the Great Depression. Most people could barely afford to eat but Dr. Luck made sure they could get desperately needed eye exams and glasses. He let them make small payments over weeks and months.

Glasses in an Hour

The "Glasses in an Hour" concept was born in 1938 when his efforts to improve quality and speed up service led him to add an in-house lab to his practice.


Today, Luck Optical is located at 7108 Camp Bowie Blvd., in Fort Worth, Texas.

About Us

Everyday Low Prices

After more than 85 years, Luck Optical is still the "Best Deal in Town". We make most glasses in about an hour and we have the largest contact lens inventory in the Fort Worth area.


You Don't Need an Appointment

You don't need an appointment to visit Luck Optical. With 6 optometrists on staff and an in-house lab, Luck Optical is your best bet in one-stop shopping for quality eyewear and service.

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