5 Signs It’s Time for an Eye Exam

Can you remember the last time you had a professional eye exam? Are you having problems seeing clearly? It may be time to visit Luck Optical. Let's look at five signs that it is time to visit Luck Optical in Fort Worth, TX.

#1: You Can’t Remember When Your Last Eye Exam Was

If it has been at least a year since your last eye exam or if you cannot remember your last trip to an optometry clinic, then it has been too long. As a general rule, you should have your eyes checked every year, depending on your eye health history.

#2: You Are Having Frequent Headaches

If you are straining your eyes, even if you don’t realize it, you may start getting vision-related headaches. You will most likely feel the pain around or near your eyes. If you do not already have optical wear, it may be time for an exam to find out if they are needed. If you currently have eyewear, your prescription may need to be updated.

#3: You Are Dealing with Dry Eyes

Depending on your occupation, you may spend hours each day looking at a computer screen. There is also the time you spend on your phone throughout the day. This can lead to dry eyes. A visit to Luck Optical can help determine the best course of treatment to relieve your symptoms.

#4: Your Vision Has Changed

Whether you find yourself squinting more often or holding objects closer or further away to see them clearly, an eye exam is needed. If you are unable to see clearly, your quality of life can be negatively impacted.

#5: You Are Finding It Difficult to Drive at Night

Do you drive a lot at night? Are you finding it harder and harder to see clearly at night? This is a sign of an age-related change in your vision. Eventually, you may not be able to read traffic signs or you may start seeing halos around streetlights and headlights. Good vision is essential to being a good driver!

Get Your Walk-in Eye Exam in Fort Worth, TX

If you are having any issues with your vision, it is time to get an eye exam. Visit our eye doctors at Luck Optical for your next eye exam.

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