5 Tips for Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face

Does your eyesight need a little help? If so, the road to 20/20 vision features an abundance of stylish eyeglasses that can enhance your sight and appearance. When shopping for eyeglasses, remember that you will not get a second chance to make a first impression. So, choosing frames that feel and look good on you is best. 

The following tips will help make choosing the best glasses a great experience. 

Know Your Face


It would be best if you first considered the general shape of your face when picking frames for your glasses. Choose the frames that are most flattering to your facial features. Factors that will help determine whether a pair of glasses fit your face include the shape of your jawline, the bridge of your nose, and the size of your eyes. 

Some of the factors to help you determine your facial features include:

  • Is your face round, square, or long?

  • Is your face oval, diamond-shaped, or heart-shaped?

  • Would you like your glasses to hide or accentuate specific facial features?

  • Is the bridge on your nose wide, narrow, or shallow?

  • Are your eyes narrow, wide-set, or neither? 




The comfort of the fit is another major factor to consider when choosing new eyeglasses. Often, it is impossible to determine the comfort until you try them on. However, it would help to decide a few things beforehand to simplify the selection process. Some of the critical considerations for comfort include: 

  • High prescriptions

  • Bridge comfort

  • Metal allergies

  • Plastic or metal




The best pair of glasses will match every aspect of your life. For your personality, frames are an excellent way to express your style. You should also consider the environments in which you will wear your glasses and your daily activities. 

For example, you primarily use your glasses at a desk while at work—so you want lightweight and comfortable frames. Choosing stylish and fun frames is an excellent option if you plan to use them as a backup for your contact lenses. Pick comfortable frames with great coverage if you require multifocal, progressive lenses to wear all day long. 



Most people replace their eyeglass frames at least once a year. So, you should consider the frame material when choosing glasses. Determine the longevity, weight, and price of each pair of frames. Most frames consist of metal or plastic, but some combine different materials. 

Metal frames usually incorporate adjustable nose pads. Plastic frames are typically light, less expensive, and require less maintenance. If you want longevity, go for stainless steel or titanium frames. 

Everyone’s face is different. Frames that look good on your friend may not fit your face shape. Fortunately, picking the best glasses for your face can be exciting and fun, provided you follow these simple rules.

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