How Do MiSight® Contact Lenses Work?

Myopia management is crucial for your child. Otherwise, you risk your children getting age-related eye disease earlier than their peers. There are different ways to manage myopia in children. These methods will slow down the progression of myopia. In some cases, they may stop it. One of those methods is the use of MiSight® contact lenses.

What Are MiSight Contact Lenses?


These are revolutionary lenses that control myopia progression in children while mitigating issues that may cause complications. These single-use contacts have FDA approval. Therefore, you do not have to worry about their safety. To allay your fears and feed your curiosity about how these contact lenses work, here are facts about MiSight lenses.

They Are Single-Use


MiSight contact lenses are disposable, so you can discard them at the end of the day. Hence, you do not need to worry about your child going through the cleaning and disinfection routine. They can wake up in the morning and wear a new pair of lenses.

They require less maintenance, giving parents more peace about their children taking care of them. MiSight Contact Lenses are available in packages of 90 or 180 - lost or torn lenses are simply not a problem at all!

Soft Lenses


These are ideal for children with sensitive eyes. In addition to the disposable nature of the lenses, the softness makes them comfortable to wear. Your child does not have to settle for eyeglasses that may limit their activity. They can enjoy the versatility of wearing contact lenses.

Focus Light In front of the Retina


MiSight contact lenses work by focusing light in front of the retina rather than behind it. They have two treatment zones that create myopic defocus, slowing eyeball elongation. These treatment zones are in concentric peripheral rings. They deal with vision at all positions and reduce the stimulus causing myopic progression.

Prevent Infection


The disposable nature of the lenses protects children from eye infections and corneal ulcers. However, your child needs to be careful about how they handle the lenses. They need to follow the doctor’s instructions on lens care and handling. It will minimize the risk of infections significantly. It may take some children time to adapt to the MiSight contact lenses, so be careful and patient.

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